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Why is TRX® Suspension Training great for me?

TRX® or Total Body Resistance Exercise – was invented by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick and his SEAL Teammates as a way to stay in peak physical condition. TRX® has revolutionized fitness by enabling you to use your own bodyweight to get a total-body, all core workout. The more muscles you activate, the more calories you burn. With over 300 different exercise variations, FWI’s clients can achieve peak core strength, balance, and cardiovascular endurance.


Why should I train at Fitness With Insight? 

FWI is the only dedicated TRX® Suspension Studio in Dallas and its instructors are the most experienced and best TRX® training resource in Dallas. With our pioneering workouts, FWI was nominated in 2012 and 2013 for “Best of Big D”. Read the most recent reviews of FWI on our Home page. We publish them all – no filter!


Do I need to attend the TRX® Basics Introductory Course?

Yes. With over 300 different exercises, TRX® training at FWI is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. The TRX® Basics Introductory Course is for those that have never experienced TRX® or have limited TRX® experience.


This course focuses on teaching proper technique and body alignment. You’ll learn how to adjust and work with your Suspension Training Device. You’ll learn how to modify the intensity of exercises by changing the angle of your body, your stance and the tempo of the exercise.


Most important, in Basics you train with like-minded people in a stress-free group setting. Give yourself time to practice so you can smoothly move into the more advanced group Sessions!


What should I wear to the Studio?

Look at our photos on our Home page. Dress like that and you’ll be just fine! Cross training shoes are required.


Do I need to bring anything? 

We have everything for you at the Studio – fresh water, towels, and mats. Just bring a positive attitude!


How often should I attend Sessions to get the results I want? 

To build a better you, we strongly recommend training at FWI at least 2 times per week.


How do I begin?

First, click on the New Client Specials button, then go the upper right corner and click on Sign up. Next, go to the New To Our Site section. Simply create an online. When done, you can click on the Online Store to purchase your Group Training package.


Once you have sessions in your account, you can reserving Sessions online by clicking on Sign Up Online. Our schedule is conveniently live online and sessions can be booked up to one month in advance.


Can I waitlist for a Session? 

Yes. You automatically come off the Waitlist and are added to the Session as a spot becomes available. We notify you of this via email. Make sure to check your status periodically!


Can I cancel a Session?


Absolutely! You’ll receive a full refund if you cancel your reservation through our live reservation system 12 hours or more before your Session begins.


Please note: If you cancel with fewer than 12 hours remaining before your Session begins or if you do not attend the Session, you’ll be charged for the Session. Clients cannot cancel by leaving a message at the Studio.  Clients can only cancel online or by speaking with the on-site trainer.  


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